Welcome to Barry Withers Art - bazwivs

Up until quite recently I had been primarily a Realism Artist, Illustrator and Art Tutor, painting and drawing in traditional mediums such as watercolour, oil on canvas, pencil, pastel, charcoal etc.

A decision to turn professional in early 2014, along with an investment in one of the latest digital drawing tablets, soon lead me towards Modern Contemporary Art. I am particularly interested in the bold colourful simplicity of Pop Art, the rawness and anti-establishment attitude of Street Art and the many parallels it shares with the rebellious YBA movement. Now unshackled from the self inflicted rules and rigidity of Realism I finally have the freedom to take control and express myself through my Art. I adopted the alias bazwivs for all new Contemporary work created after August 2014 as a way of embracing the new me.

My Art has sold throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide and is available to purchase online at
Creative Fine Art
Saatchi online
Rippingham Art and many more.
Much of my Art is also available to buy as high quality Giclee prints from my website. As well as a modern day Artist I am also an experienced 1-1 Art Tutor working in the Hungerford and Marlborough area.

If you are interested in finding out more about me and my real life story so far, use the link in the menu above for a short biography.

What people say: OH MY GOD!!! I could not be more thrilled!!! Just opened it and nearly cried I'm so happy! Thank you so much again, I will treasure it! Laura J, August 2015

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